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Writing for the User and the Search Engines!

Writing is something many of us really don't enjoy and most of us don't think we can write worth a hoot anyway. Writing the latest best seller novel isn't something that is regarded as one of our top priorities of doing today either. However, writing can become your next best friend especially if you're in business on the internet. Writing doesn't come natural for most of us and is an art and science that must be learned. The internet is all about information and writing is one way you can get your message to the masses who may be interested in your products or services.

When I'm helping people online become successful marketers one of the most important things I stress to my students is they must learn to write. How do you do that without having to go back to college and take a class in writing? I tell all my students "you learn to write by writing." If you write from the heart and write like you talk your message will be heard loud and clear by your readers.

Your writings whether in an email, copy in your website or an information article, put your thoughts in simple and plain language that readers will feel comfortable reading. Forget the big fancy words that many writers use trying to impress their reading audience about how smart they think they are. Be straight forward, truthful and above all be passionate and well informed about your subject matter. Using language that is questionable and rambling will be a turnoff to most readers. Keep it short and simple, yet informative.

Keep your writings to a reading level that will reach the greatest number of readers. The average working individual is who you're going to be writing for. Those who are technical and think they know everything already probably won't be interested in your writings anyway. Writing information that is above the reading potential and comprehension is of absolutely no value to you or the reader.

Capturing your reader's attention should be accomplished early on in your writings. The title is important and must contain at least a couple of keywords about your opportunity. Short titles may not give your reading audience enough information to make a choice of whether to read more of your article or click off and go somewhere else. On the other hand having your title to long will be nothing more than overkill. Try to word your title and capture the reader's attention quickly and make them want to know more about your information and your opinion on a particular subject matter.

The title is the first and sometimes the last thing your reader even remembers about your article so it must be powerful and compelling. You want your reader to be smitten to read more about what's in your writing. You must create a suspense that can be answered in a few short sentences in your writings not a lengthy autobiography. You must spark an interest and maintain their attention quickly or the reader will simply click off your information and go to their next item of interest.

Not only is it important to capture the reader's attention but it imperative to get the attention of the search engines so your page will be ranked high when a user queries your particular subject matter. Your goal in writing is to get the search engines and users alike to look for your information. This is done by writing good keyword rich relevant content and posting your opportunity correctly online. By writing with about a 3 to 5% keyword to content ratio you will fulfill the needs of the search engines and the user without appearing to be spamming either of them. If you need help with this process, contact an optimization specialist and learn to do it correctly. Avoid spam at all cost you'll be glad you did.

Writing for success on the internet is much different than writing a book. Keep you paragraphs short and concise. Forget all hype, smoke and mirrors and tell it just like it is.

Make it simple for your readers to scan read if possible. Many online readers will merely scan the article to see if there is something they need to look at closer. Make it simple for them to catch the high points of your story and make it appealing enough for them to come back and read your article in more detail. Writing in small chunks will make it easier for all of your readers to follow and understand what you're trying to convey in your writing.

Having the last paragraph of your article as the conclusion paragraph is an excellent way to have a quick summary for this type of reading audience. This will also indelibly burn the subject matter of your writing into the minds of your average reader. Make it short and sweet covering the high points of your article and don't make it appear your re-writing the article.

Writing is a process that must be learned, developed and practiced on a regular basis. Since the internet is all about information, this is a natural way to promote your product or service for the world to see. You might want to consider adding your own article directory into your own marketing system.

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