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Company Formation: Tips from Companies House

The company formation statistics, as provided by Companies House for the month of April 2010 (as mentioned in CompleteFormations.co.uk) stands at 32,146. With more and more people discovering the entrepreneurial potential within themselves, there has been an exponential growth in business houses. Additionally, a large number of business start-ups take place in the United Kingdom since the laws of the land facilitate easy establishment and reliable business ambience. Companies House, the sole registrant of business openings in the UK, offers tips for company formations in the country.

Company Formation: Points to Remember

There are certain crucial points you have to remember regarding company registration before opening a company:

Essential documents: The following documents have to be sent to Companies House:

* Form IN01, the application to register along with the requisite fee amount

* Memorandum of Association

* Articles of Association, if you do not entirely adopt model articles

* Additional information, in case your application form includes any sensitive words or expressions.

Name:Selectingan appropriate, unique name is of great importance. You may not be allowed to use the name you have chosen if it is the same as that of another business house on the company names index. The quality of ‘sameness' would mean either absolutely identical names or names with minor difference.

You can consider consulting the names index at the ‘WebCHeck' search service before deciding on a name.

Mailing incorporation documents: After choosing a company name, send all the documents to Companies House. The mailing procedure can be done electronically or by post. Software filing is done at a standard fee of £15. ‘Same day' service for electronic filing happens at £30. The registration fee for paper filing is £20 and ‘same day' service charge is £50.

In case you plan on sending paper documents, send them to the following Companies House, depending on the official address of the company to be registered:

* Cardiff, if the office is located in England or Wales

* Edinburgh, in case the registered office is situated in Scotland

* Belfast, if the company office is in Northern Ireland

The ‘same day' incorporation services available at Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast allow same day registration before 3pm from Monday to Friday.

For proper completion of the numerous procedures, consider hiring agents from CompanyFormations247.co.uk. This is one of the oldest agencies in the UK, who also promise the best packages at the most competitive prices.

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