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ASOLOHISTORY decades has been to stay ahead of technology, outdoor climbing shoes, 20 years, ASOLO outdoor climbing shoes have been a dominant role in innovation. Established since 1975, ASOLO committed to continuous product innovation, particularly through the high altitude boots, hiking shoes, mountaineering, adventure tourism and mountain sports shoes and other products on the innovation, thus the formation of industry standards.

Brand history First introduced in 1975 this will be nylon SCOUT Fabric Combined with the cortex made Tubu Xie, 1998 OUTLAST temperature materials will be used to outdoor climbing shoes, ASOLO technology in the production of outdoor climbing shoes have to stay ahead of the field.

1981 launch of Asoflex? Is ASOLO technical support in the sole first innovation. Press synthetic insole and sole closely to improve the stability of the sole support, and toe to provide the best protection.

1982 ASOLO developed AFS (Asoframe? System) and applied to Alpine hiking boots in the end of the series. It uses combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar, a shape by the injection mold method, the shoe's midsole, heel and toe combination as a whole set of strong, lightweight, comfortable package. Adjust the ratio of its raw materials, flexural strength and can make any difference to be reversed to apply to different types of high altitude boots or hiking boots in the Alps. One AsoframeSystem 101 in 1987 Industrial Design Society of the European "Golden Compass" award.

1994 SYNERJECTION introduced in the design and rapid system with patent buckle make ASOLO Once again, the front of the innovator. Use SYNERJECTION process broke the past with a suture or adhesive means, the plastic material embedded in a special waterproof breathable fabrics and leather combined with the middle and a decrease of joints, it can better insulation, improved waterproof shoes performance.

When tension shoelace, belt buckles rapid system design reduces the friction laces, reducing wear and tear, not only to better protect the laces, but also with a small force it easier to fasten shoelaces .

ASOLO excellent stability system is another example of its technology leadership. The system used in GLOBALINE type shoes on, is a synthetic polyurethane Rubber As the support base compound in Asoframe, it not only provides uniform ankle support, but also to prevent lateral sag. After the design introduced in 1996, won three major awards: Chamonix exhibition "Safety and Protection Award", the famous magazine "British hiker Award", and the famous BACKPACKER (backpacker) magazine's "best year Tubu Xie Award. "

ASOLO vision is also reflected in its selection of a breakthrough. ASOLO 1984, pioneered the use of GORE-TEX waterproof breathable air materials, and extremely resistant VIBRAM outsole. 1998 ASOLO hiking boots on his NORTHMOUNTAINEERING also uses Outlast? Of insulating material. This material can permanently maintain the comfortable temperature, so that the temperature inside the boot to keep in a suitable range.

1999 ASOLO later re-introduced the most advanced technology on behalf of its plastic high altitude boots, AFS 8000 and AFSEVOLUTION. They not only continued ASOLO perfect work, and the use of the THINSULATE other new insulation materials, its superior technological content laid ASOLO hiking boots in many leading brands in the position.

With the rapid development of the Alpine mountain climbing, in the original 2003 ASOLO ANNAPURNA designed and developed based on the leather hiking boots SUMMIT. The use of more soft waterproof upper leather and high-tech polyamide fibers, so that a smooth, easy movement of the ankle, foot feeling more comfortable and sensitive. PU coated outer edge with complete coverage, increased wear resistance. Adding 150 grams of THINSULATE lined insulation (3M's patented technology), sufficient to meet the mountain of the most harsh environments. Soles of the end use of patented technology (ASOFRAME), made from carbon fiber and Kevlar (a strong lightweight synthetic material) forming a mold, while maintaining the soles of the hardness to prevent deformation, but also in the toe to provide a slight bending, is more suitable for walking. Hiking boots lacing is undoubtedly the most important part, SUMMIT lacing is easy to adjust, fasten your firm is not dispersed later. SUMMIT weight than any other hiking boots are a light, but did not reduce its outstanding performance. SUMMIT can be widely used in Alpine mountaineering and ice climbing movement.

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