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Few noted that Chinese School Clothing These years of silence, and spinning, dyeing and printing capacity planning related to two aspects.

In Guangzhou Panyu, a clothing company with more than ten years of Huang Xin, recently entered Wuhan Taihe as procurement minister. He quickly noted that the development of the two different clothing environment. "In Guangdong, full range of apparel fabrics, and the quality high, corporate purchasing fabric convenient, but in Wuhan, Hong Kong, the gap is not small." Huang Xin introduced, companies now have more than 3000 million per year budget spent on the purchase of Fabrics , "70% of Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang 20% buy the remaining share of the Wuhan native, but most can only supply low-end products."

Similarly, the Secretary-General Zhang Shulin Hubei clothing Chamber of Commerce expressed the same view. He said that Hubei Textile Incomplete industry chain, affect the quality process, as president of the group of units of the cat, fabrics and more to go back to Guangdong, "This transportation costs accounted for almost apparel Sell 5% of the cost? 10%. "

Chain "two out" Historically, the textile industry was once the dominant industry in our province. Wuhan has a seven state-owned cotton mill, 13 knitting factory, but some flood hit the market down, no more.

"Now the situation facing the textile industry in our province is a perfect industrial chain. Spinning? Weaving? Printing? Clothing, a whole industry chain, from the starting point on the lack of chemical fiber production capacity, less printing and dyeing industry fully. "Recently, the provincial officials appointed by the letter told reporters.

It is, at present, our province of more than 5 million yuan in sales industry-wide total of 1,591 textile enterprises, in 2009 industrial output value reached 101 billion yuan, up 23.2% over the previous year; export delivery value reached 137 billion yuan, up 17.8%, rapid gains.

At the same time, it was light industry and textile Department data show that in 2009, yarn production was 1.49 million tons in our province, China 6, but the spinning part of the garment as an important raw material of chemical fiber production capacity each year the province only 150,000 tons, but the annual demand of 50 million tons but the garment material gap of 35 million tons of textile processing enterprises have to go out of province to the east coast of the procurement.

Printing and dyeing industry is the same. In 2009, the province printing and dyeing industry capacity is only 320 million meters, the province's total annual demand is 3.86 billion m. This result is the textile processing enterprise "to the east coast to buy yarn back, to be woven into cloth, the dye had to go onto the coast."

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