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sony np-bg1 battery|Li-ion/3.60V/1100mAh sony cybershot batteries uk shop

SONY NP-BG1 Battery Details

1. We offer 30-Day Money Back,1 Year Extended Warranty for SONY NP-BG1 battery.
2. Replacement lithium ion battery NP-BG1 can be 100% compatible with OEM SONY NP-BG1 Camera
3. The SONY NP-BG1 Camera Battery is Brand New !
4. We have Great After-Sales Service Department for SONY NP-BG1 batteries, fast respond to your request!
5. Fast Delivery if you order the SONY replacement battery NP-BG1.
6. SONY NP-BG1 battery is lithium ion battery.
7. We will ship the SONY battery in the same day if you order it before 2:30 PM .
8. We are Powerseller and have up to 99.6% positive feedback !

Camera batteries tips:

1. Can't turn on Camera caused by the battery problem
Camera batteries could cause failure of turning on a Camera easily. Try to turn battery off and turn on Camera through the outside electrical source when Camera can't turn on and all the indicator light if off.
2. Why Camera battery can't charge to 100%?
Gernally speaking,batteries for Camera can't charge to 100% belongs to the display problem but not the battery fault. After adjust the electricity display 1-2 times,it will show correctly.
3. Whether Camera battery life will be cut down when battery hasn't run out and is charged?
Battery life is generally computed by the times of full charge.Lithium battery usual have 300-400 times and once is defined charge it up to 80%-90%. So don't be worried.
4. What is the best temperature for battery storage?
Because very hot or cold conditions could affect a battery's performance,you'd better store the SONY NP-BG1 battery in a place with recommended storage temperature of 15°C (59°F).

SONY Camera Batteries Notes:

1. SONY NP-BG1 Camera batteries shop sells cheap, new SONY Camera batteries , any SONY NP-BG1 SONY battery in our Camera battery shop is brand new,work very well with the original SONY Camera battery.

SONY NP-BG1 Camera Batteries Note:

1. Battery can be only used on the designated equipment.
2. Do not heat the battery or dropped into the fire.
3. Do not put it near fire or into the car at temperature over 60'.Do not discharge under these circumstance.
4. Do not put the battery into the water, do not make them wet.
5. Do not put the battery with necklaces, hairpins, coins, or screws and other metal items together in pocket or bag, they should not be stored together with the battery with the above-mentioned items.
6. Do not reverse the positive and negative when load the battery.
7. Do not use sharp objects to pierce the battery.
8. Do not break down the battery.
9. Do not weld the battery directly.
10. Do not use battery with serious wounds or deformation.
11. Before use your new battery, please read the operating instructions. Improper operation may lead to battery heat increasing, fire, explosion, destruction or attenuation of battery capacity.

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